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Dr. Michael J. Davidson

(AP Photo/Mainframe Photographics, Susan R. Symonds)
(AP Photo/Mainframe Photographics, Susan R. Symonds)

Guest Book Highlights

November 25, 2019 "I think of your parents and Hillary every day. I hope that some how
it reaches them in a soothing, comforting effect on them. Your death has been a tremendous lose to everyone who has had the pleasure of knowing you.You and my son Michael are my two favorite Michaels.
I pray that there is an afterlife, and that we will all be together with you again. Mickie Zussman- your neighbor from Wendover Dr. many years ago."
January 19, 2018 "Around this time every year, I remember the story behind this tragedy. I did not know Dr. Davidson but somehow he and his family are still in my mind with every January 20th that comes and goes. I pray for steadfast peace and joy for his family, that it would break through the pain and despair of their tragic loss. You are remembered, Dr. Davidson and I'm so sorry your life was taken at the young age of 44. It sounds like you were an amazing doctor and person in general. I hope I meet you someday in the heavenlies. Rest peacefully. " - Angela Perry (Naples, FL)
January 20, 2017 "Another year has come and gone. I am here because of the great work of Dr. Davidson and the staff at BWH. Many of us owe our lives to him and My wife and I will never forget him. Thanks Mike" - Richard McInnis (Dexter, ME)
January 21, 2016 "I did not know Dr. Davidson personally but many of my friends did as we trained in Boston hospitals around the same time. We are also both surgeons with a love for the balance that music can bring to one's life. One year on it still angers, saddens and humbles me to know that such a dedicated physician whose life's purpose was helping others fell victim in part to one deranged individual's anger and in part to a system that has failed Americans in so many ways: failed to set reasonable expectations of what medical/surgical care can and can not promise; failed to provide a safe mechanism for doctors and patients to communicate openly without fear of reprisal when complications of surgery occur (and they occur in the most skilled of hands); failed to protect the staff of a hospital from violence that can at least be partly mitigated by better hospital security; and failed to have honest and reasonable dialogue about gun safety and control. May Dr. Davidson's legacy and brilliant work in a too short life be remembered and celebrated and also help us as a community work to overcome these failures. May his wife and children find some measure of comfort in knowing that he touched the lives of many, near and far and more profoundly than words can ever express." - T (San Diego, CA)
October 28, 2015 "May his memory be forever a blessing." - A Friend (Boston, MA)
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Obituary for Dr. Michael J. Davidson
BOSTON (AP) — Administrators and staff at a leading Boston hospital are mourning the death of a cardiac surgeon who was fatally shot at the hospital...
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