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2012 Year in Review: Heroes

by Legacy Staff

Today we honor the heroes who died in 2012.

As 2012 comes to a close, we’ve remembered the celebrities who took their final bows this year – the actors, the musicians, the notable women from all walks of life. But we can’t let the year end without also remembering some very special ordinary folks who became extraordinary through their acts of bravery. In 2012, we mourned patriots and soldiers, freedom fighters and a determined voter, a pioneering doctor and a trio of astronauts, inspirational children and selfless teachers. Today we honor these heroes and more who died in 2012.


Gordon Hirabayashi
Gordon Hirabayashi (AP photo/The Arizona Daily Star, Sergey Shayevich)
Keith Little
Jessica Joy Rees
Jessica Joy Rees (Photo via Facebook)
Dr. Richard Olney
Dr. Richard Olney (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)
Janice Voss
Janice Voss (Associated Press)
Florence Green
Florence Green (Associated Press Photo)
Fang Lizhi
Fang Lizhi (Associated Press/Mark Avery)
Raymond Aubrac
Raymond Aubrac (Associated Press Photo)
Denny Fitch
Denny Fitch (Associated Press Photo)
Sally Ride
John Moton Jr.
WWII vet John Moton Jr. (St. Louis Post-Dispatch/ Erik M. Lunsford)
Neil Armstrong
Eric Lomax
Lane Goodwin
Lane Goodwin with his brother (Photo via Facebook)
Russell Means
Russell Means (Associated Press Photo)
Frank Tanabe
Frank Tanabe (Associated Press/Irene Tanabe)
Hector Camacho
Hector Camacho (Associated Press)
Lawrence Guyot
Lawrence Guyot (Associated Press/Rogelio V. Solis)
Rachel D’Avino
Rachel D'Avino (Handout photo)
Dawn Hochsprung
Sandy Hook Elementary principal Dawn Hochsprung (AP Photo/Eliza Hallabeck)
Anne Marie Murphy
Lauren Rousseau
Lauren Rousseau (AP Photo/Courtesy of the Rousseau Family)
Mary Sherlach
Mary Sherlach (AP Photo/Courtesy Mark Sherlach)
Victoria Soto
Victoria Soto


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