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2013 Tragedies

by Legacy Staff

As the year comes to a close, we remember our neighbors around the world who suffered through the some worst days of 2013.

The world saw many truly awful tragedies in the past year, as well as many epic outpourings of sympathy and support for those affected by these events. As the year comes to a close, we remember our neighbors around the world who suffered through the some worst days of 2013.

Boston Marathon Bombing Memorial SiteBoston Marathon Bombing
In Boston, April 15 marks the annual running of the Boston Marathon, a source of pride for the city. In 2013, however, the marathon was tragically marred by two bombs detonated at the finish line as runners completed the course. Three spectators were killed in the tandem blasts, and another 264 people sustained serious injuries. In the following days, police officers tracked down the two perpetrators, killing one in a running gunfight that also claimed the life of one officer and resulted in the injuries of 16 others. Read more

West Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion: Visit the Memorial SiteTexas Fertilizer Plant Explosion
On April 17, a fertilizer plant in the small community of West, Texas, exploded in the early evening, killing 15 people and injuring more than 160. The plant exploded with the force of a large bomb, leveling homes and businesses in several blocks surrounding the blast, which registered as a 2.1-magnitude earthquake. Read more



Asiana Plane Crash VictimsAsiana Plane Crash
Three passengers aboard Asiana Flight 214 were killed and another 181 injured on July 6 when their flight crashed at San Francisco International Airport. The flight crashed just short of the runway, with the tail section striking the seawall outside the airport and breaking off from the main fuselage, throwing several people onto the runway. Read more


Washington D.C. Navy Yard Shooting: Visit the Memorial SiteWashington Navy Yard Shooting
A lone gunman entered the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C. on September 16 and opened fire on civilian and military personnel working at the yard’s many offices. Thirteen people were killed, including the gunman, and another 11 were injured in the shooting and ensuing chaos. Information surfaced later that the gunman, who formerly served in the Navy, had a history of mental illness and documented incidents of gun violence. Read more


Moore Oklahoma Tornado Victims: Visit the Memorial SiteOklahoma Tornado
Moore, Oklahoma, an area known as “Tornado Alley,” endured one of the deadliest storms in its history on May 20. During the EF5-level storm, a tornado with a base one mile wide tore a path of destruction through the small community, killing 24. Among the dead were nine children from Briarwood Elementary. Read more


Super Typhoon HaiyanSuper Typhoon Haiyan
In early November, a storm formed above the Pacific Ocean that would become Super Typhoon Haiyan, one of the most destructive storms in recorded history. The storm pounded Micronesia, southern China, Vietnam and the Philippines with torrential rains and deadly winds. The area suffered billions of dollars in damage, and the human toll includes 6,149 deaths, with 1,779 people missing and millions displaced from their ravaged homes. The damage was particularly terrible in the Philippines, coming on the heels of severe earthquakes that killed hundreds and displaced hundreds of thousands from their homes. Read more

Arizona Wildfire Firefighters Memorial SiteArizona Wildfire
Wildfires are a yearly occurrence in Arizona, but 2013 saw one of the most deadly in recent memory. Lightning strikes ignited an area near Yarnell, Arizona, on June 28, and on June 30 the fire overran a crew sent to battle the blaze, killing 19 firefighters. It was the worst loss of life for firefighters in a wildland fire in 80 years. Read more


We remember the victims of these horrible events, as well as countless other deadly tragedies around the world in 2013.


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