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Ayesha K. Faines (1985–2021), panelist on “The Grapevine”

by Linnea Crowther

Ayesha K. Faines was a journalist and influencer who was a panelist on “The Grapevine” and the founder of Women Love Power.

Rising star

Faines was best known for her work on “The Grapevine,” a YouTube-based talk show elevating the voices of Black millennials. Her organization Women Love Power is an educational platform intended to inspire and empower women. Faines also worked as a TV journalist in Jacksonville and New York City, and she was a columnist for Zora.

Notable quote

“The ‘angry Black woman’ trope is routinely weaponized against Black women to put them in a double bind. When we assert ourselves, we are dismissed as angry and when we don’t, we’re complicit, and so many Black women have learned to say less in hopes of not being cast in a pejorative light. Even the ‘strength’ we extol as the hallmark of Black femininity is derived from being silent about our pain.” —from a column for Zora


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