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Ben Cross

Ben Cross (1947–2020), “Chariots of Fire” star

by Kirk Fox

Ben Cross was a British actor best known for starring as Harold Abrahams in “Chariots of Fire” and Sarek in “Star Trek (2009).”   

Acting Career

Cross first came to prominence on the stage, starring as Billy Flynn in the 1978 stage version of “Chicago.” He reached greater fame starring as Harold Abrahams in the acclaimed 1981 movie “Chariots of Fire.” The movie told the true story of a Jewish track star and a Catholic track star competing against each other in the 1924 Olympics. In 2009, he starred as Sarek, Spock’s father, in the J.J. Abrams reboot of the “Star Trek” franchise.   

How he got the role of Sarek 

“My agent put me forward for Star Trek, and he sent a couple of films to J.J. I’m sure he was too busy to watch the whole of Species, but when we were on the set, he mentioned to me that there was one particular shot in it where I turned to the camera, and in that moment, it came to him how perfect it would be for me to play Sarek.” – Star Trek Magazine 2007 


What they said about him

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