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Billy Brown (1952–2021), patriarch of “Alaskan Bush People” reality series

by Linnea Crowther

Billy Brown was a reality TV star known for the long-running “Alaskan Bush People.”

Alaskan Bush People

“Alaskan Bush People” premiered in 2014, showcasing the lives of Brown and his family as they live off the grid in Alaska’s wilderness. Filmed on location near Hoonah and Chichagof Island in southern Alaska, “Alaskan Bush People” focused on Brown, his wife Ami, and their seven children over 12 seasons, the most recent aired in autumn 2020. Brown and the family began living in Alaska in 1983 and remained there until Ami’s 2017 cancer diagnosis prompted a move to Washington state, where she could receive medical care. The show continued to follow their lives as they homesteaded in Washington.

Notable quote

“I’ve had such an active life and I’ve done so much with my own hands and been proud to do it. It’s really hard to back up now and sit on the sideline. I’m not ready for a porch yet. Don’t go putting me on a porch yet. …I probably am, I just won’t admit it.” —from a 2019 interview with People


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