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Carmen Salinas (1939–2021), iconic Mexican actress

by Linnea Crowther

Carmen Salinas was a Mexican actress beloved for starring in dozens of telenovelas and movies.

Acting career

Salinas got her start on TV in the mid-1960s, acting in telenovelas, the popular soap operas of Mexican television. She became an icon of telenovelas, working extensively in recent years and beloved as a mother and grandmother figure to viewers. She was honored with TVyNovelas Awards for her performances in “María Mercedes” and “Preciosa,” as well as nominated for “María la del Barrio,” “Abrázame Muy Fuerte,” and “Entre el Amor y el Odio.” Salinas also had roles in many movies, including “Carnival Nights,” “Man on Fire,” and her most recent credit, the upcoming romantic comedy “The Valet.” In later years, Salinas added politics to her resume when she was elected to Mexican Congress in 2015. She served, representing the Institutional Revolutionary Party, until 2018. At the time of her stroke, Salinas was in filming for the TV show “Mi fortuna es amarte.”

Tributes to Carmen Salinas

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