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Chad Stuart (1941–2020), singer with British Invasion duo Chad & Jeremy

by Linnea Crowther

Chad Stuart was a singer with the English duo Chad & Jeremy, who had several hits during the British Invasion of the 1960s.

British Invasion and beyond

Stuart met Jeremy Clyde while attending school together in London. They soon formed their folk-pop duo and began refining their style, which centered on gentle acoustic guitar and softly sung romantic lyrics. They had a hit at home in the U.K. in 1963 with “Yesterday’s Gone,” but they’d find bigger success when their music was released in the U.S. “Yesterday’s Gone” climbed to the Top 40 there in 1964, and they had their biggest hit the same year: “A Summer Song” made it to No. 7 on the Billboard chart. Later singles included “Willow Weep for Me,” “If I Loved You,” and “Before and After.” They appeared on U.S. TV shows including “The Dick Van Dyke Show,” “The Patty Duke Show,” and “Batman.” The duo broke up in 1968 and Stuart continued with his own musical career that included solo performances and producing jingles. Chad & Jeremy reunited for several nostalgia tours over the years, performing together as recently as 2016.

Stuart on why “A Summer Song” was a hit in the U.S. but not at home

“I think nobody thought of it as a hit really. The American market was bigger. I don’t know. England is tiny. You’d never hear something that sweet in the British charts. I just don’t think you ever would. For some reason in America it worked. I have no explanation. I don’t honestly know why.” —from an interview with Gary James for ClassicBands.com


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