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Christchurch, New Zealand Shooting Victims (2019)

by Linnea Crowther

At least 49 were killed in a terrorist attack at two mosques.

At least 49 people were killed in a shooting at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand on Friday. Dozens more are injured and being treated at Christchurch Hospital.

Authorities revealed that the shooting was a terrorist act, committed by a white nationalist, anti-immigrant Australian man. The shooter is in custody along with two others. He has been charged with murder, and will appear in court Saturday.


New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern called the attacks “New Zealand’s darkest day.” Her statement continued: “Clearly, what has happened here is an extraordinary and unprecedented act of violence.”
“Many of those who will have been directly affected by this shooting may be migrants to New Zealand, they may even be refugees here. They have chosen to make New Zealand their home, and it is their home. They are us.”

“The person who has perpetuated this violence against us is not. They have no place in New Zealand. There is no place in New Zealand for such acts of extreme and unprecedented violence, which it is clear this act was.”

Forty-one of the victims were killed at a mosque on Deans Avenue, and seven others were killed just a few minutes later at the Linwood mosque. One person died after being taken to the hospital.

Mass shootings are rare in New Zealand, where stricter gun laws were enacted after a 1990 mass shooting left 13 dead. This most recent attack is the most deadly mass shooting in the country’s history.

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