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Dan Sartain (1981–2021), indie singer and songwriter

by Linnea Crowther

Dan Sartain was an indie singer and songwriter whose music encompassed rockabilly, punk, blues, electronica, and more.

Recording career

Based in Birmingham, Alabama, Sartain began releasing self-produced albums in 2001 before releasing “Dan Sartain vs. the Serpientes” on Swami Records in 2005. His music caught the ear of Jack White, who became a fan and personally invited Sartain to tour with the White Stripes and the Hives in 2007. He recorded the 2009 single “Bohemian Grove” on White’s Third Man Records. Sartain’s other singles include “Walk Among the Cobras,” “Flight of the Finch,” and “Atheist Funeral.”

Sartain on touring with the White Stripes

“It was nice being a part of something bigger. I suppose that’s what will go on my headstone. It’s also a thing I have a chip on my shoulder about too. When you go around with a chip on your shoulder people want to knock it off. Then some time goes by and you just kind of realize you were a dumbass. It’s vicious. I love it. Its nice work if you can get it. I started at clubs and I’m back at clubs now. I feel that’s where I do my best work, but if the opportunity comes to play arenas again, I’ll be ready.” —from a 2016 interview with Autre


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