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Dana Baratta (1961–2020), “Marvel’s Jessica Jones” writer

by Linnea Crowther

Dana Baratta was a producer and screenwriter known for credits including “Marvel’s Jessica Jones” and “Dawson’s Creek.”

TV career

Baratta worked in television for most of her career, though she wrote and co-produced the 1994 film “Andre.” She began writing for TV with “Dawson’s Creek” in 1998, writing and producing several episodes. She moved on to write and produce “Providence” and “Pasadena.” Baratta first became an executive producer with 2005’s “The Studio,” and this role continued for shows including “Private Practice,” “Warehouse 13,” and “Red Widow.” In 2015, Baratta wrote three episodes of “Marvel’s Jessica Jones” and was co-executive producer for 13. Her most recent credit was as writer and co-executive producer for “Good Behavior” in 2017.

Tributes to Dana Baratta

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