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David Maas (1963–2020), performer in “Quick Change” magic act

by Linnea Crowther

David Maas was a stage magician who performed with his wife, Dania Kaseeva, as the celebrated “David and Dania: Quick Change” act.

David and Dania

Maas and Kaseeva met as circus performers – he was the ringmaster and she was in a hula-hoop act. They married in 1996 and developed their own two-person act revolving around lightning-quick costume changes set to music. After Maas held up a veil in front of Kaseeva for a few brief seconds, she would emerge in an entirely new outfit, often with a new hair color or style to match. Maas did a few quick changes of his own in the act, but the performance’s big kicker came when he dumped confetti over Kaseeva’s head and, in the moment it took to fall to the ground, she changed again. The pair were popular half-time performers at sporting events, especially NBA games, having performed at all 30 NBA arenas. They also performed on TV shows including “The Oprah Winfrey Show” and “Ellen,” and their 2006 performance on “America’s Got Talent” became one of the top viral videos of the year.  

Notable quote

“You want to see an elephant or a snowmobile on the stage? Take a trip down to Las Vegas. We’re the only act of its kind. The concept has taken us all over the world.” —Maas speaking to the judges on “America’s Got Talent”


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