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Dolores Avery (1937–2021), mother of Steven Avery of “Making a Murderer”

by Linnea Crowther

Dolores Avery was the mother of Steven Avery, the subject of the 2015 Netflix true crime series “Making a Murderer.”

Maintaining her son’s innocence

Avery was frequently featured on “Making a Murderer,” the hit show that delved into her son’s conviction for the murder of Teresa Halbach. Throughout the series as the case unfolded, Avery insisted that Steven was innocent, and she and her husband sold their family business to raise funds for his legal defense. In 2016, she made headlines as she insisted Halbach was still alive. In the show’s 2018 second season, Avery was often seen visiting her son in prison. She was a mother of four, and she died the day before Steven’s birthday.

Tributes to Dolores Avery

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