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Don Imus (1940–2019), controversial radio “shock jock”

Don Imus (1940–2019), controversial radio “shock jock”

by Kirk Fox

Don Imus was the controversial radio “shock jock” who hosted the popular longtime radio show “Imus in the Morning.” He was known for his outspoken on-air personality and his program sometimes offended listeners as he was accused of saying racist and homophobic comments. Imus debuted his show in 1971 on WNBC in New York City. He inspired others including Howard Stern, who later hosted his own show on WNBC. Imus and his wife Deirdre founded the Imus Ranch in 1999, a summer camp for children with cancer. He retired from broadcasting in 2018 after a nearly 50-year career.

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Died: Friday, December 27, 2019 (Who else died on December 27?)


Details of death: Died at the age of 79.

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What they said about him: “Shocking news on the passing of my friend, Don Imus. He will long be remembered as one of the true giants in the history of radio. My thoughts and prayers to Deirdre and Wyatt. God speed.” —“Mike and the Mad Dog” host Mike Francesca

Full obituary: The Hollywood Reporter

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