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Don Sutton (1945–2021), Hall of Fame pitcher

by Kirk Fox

Don Sutton was a Hall of Fame pitcher, known mostly for his time with the Dodgers, who won more than 300 games.

Long Hall of Fame career

Don Sutton won 324 games during his lengthy 23-year Major League Baseball career. He was known for his consistency on the mound, winning at least 10 games in 21 of his 23 seasons, but won 20 games only one time. He spent 16 of his 23 seasons pitching for the Los Angeles Dodgers, starting with his rookie year in 1966 until 1980. He signed a free agent deal with Houston for the 1981 season. Sutton also pitched for the Brewers, the A’s, and the Angels and then came back to the Dodgers, who released him during the middle of the 1988 season. He was a four-time All-Star and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2015. After playing, he became a popular baseball broadcaster for TBS.

Sutton on his time with the Dodgers

“I am 100% convinced that if I had spent most of my career anywhere but with the Dodgers, I would not have the record, not have the Hall of Fame, not have the life I enjoyed… All those Dodger people gave me all of that. It’s my alma mater, and all the good I had in baseball came from them.” –2017 interview with Bill Plaschke in the Los Angeles Times


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