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Floyd Cardoz (2020), “Top Chef Masters” winner

by Kirk Fox

Floyd Cardoz was a star on television’s “Top Chef Masters” and the chef at the trendy Manhattan restaurant Tabla. He won season 3 of the Top Chef Masters reality cooking challenge show. Cardoza was born in Mumbai and was known for his elevated Indian dishes that wowed New York City diners at Tabla and Bombay Bread Bar.  

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Died: Wednesday, March 25, 2020. (Who else died on March 25?)  


Details of death: Died at the age of 59 from coronavirus.

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His take on Indian food: “The perception that Indian food is always heavy, over-spiced, greasy or that it will give you an upset stomach… restaurants just don’t cook like Indians cook at home.”  – Cardoz told Greaves Tours, according to USA Today.  

What they said about him: “Floyd Cardoz passed away from C19. I adored him. A great chef, groundbreaking in so many ways, a generous human, resilient of spirit and loved his family, his garden and our restaurant world so much. I’m stunned. I know what I’m eating tonight for dinner.” – Television personality Andrew Zimmern 

The culinary world lost a wonderful person today. In the words of @dhmeyer, “He never once lost his sense of love for those he’d worked with, mentored and mattered to.” – Chef Thomas Keller 

Full obituary: USA Today 

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