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Gary Corbett (2021), keyboardist for Kiss and Cinderella

by Linnea Crowther

Gary Corbett was a keyboardist with Kiss and Cinderella, who also co-wrote the Cyndi Lauper hit “She Bop.”

Music career

Corbett toured with artists including Ian Hunter and Mick Ronson before co-writing “She Bop,” which was a No. 3 hit in 1984. The song’s success opened doors for Corbett, and he went on to tour with Lou Gramm before being asked to join Kiss’ touring band in 1987. Corbett played keyboards with Kiss until 1992, also touring with artists including Debbie Gibson and Taylor Dayne. He joined Cinderella in 1991, playing keyboards and singing backing vocals until their breakup in 2017. Corbett died the same day as longtime Cinderella guitarist Jeff LaBar (1963–2021).

Notable quote

“Whenever I play with bands like KISS or Cinderella, or bands like that, I always approach my part that way, where they are fitting in as though I’m the rhythm guitar player, as opposed to playing twinkly sparkly stuff that sits on top like a lot of keyboard players do. I was very into John Lord and Deep Purple and the way he played the organ was very much that way. It wasn’t about showing how fast you could play or how many notes you could play; it was making the keyboard sound as mean as possible and compete with the guitarist in that way. That was always the way I approached it.” —from a 2017 interview for Kiss Concert History


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