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German bar shooting victims

German Bar Shooting Victims (2020)

by Linnea Crowther

Nine people were killed in a shooting that took place at two bars in Hanau, Germany, near Frankfurt. Several others were injured. 

The bars that were targeted are located in areas popular with young people from the city’s Kurdish and Turkish immigrant community. After Germany opened its doors to more than a million asylum seekers in 2015, violence against refugees and immigrants has increased, and this shooting is believed to have been motivated by racist extremism. 

Chancellor Angela Merkel said, “Everything is being done to clarify the background of these horrible murders to the last detail. But at present there is much evidence that the perpetrator acted out of right-wing extremist, racist motives. Out of hatred against people of other origins, other beliefs, or other outward appearances. Racism is a poison. Hatred is a poison.” 

The victims of the shooting have not yet been publicly identified.  

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