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Gerren Taylor (1990–2021), model and “Baldwin Hills” star

by Linnea Crowther

Gerren Taylor was a model and entrepreneur who starred on the BET reality series “Baldwin Hills.”

Youngest runway model

Taylor signed with LA Models when she was 12 years old, becoming their youngest runway model ever. A few years later, she became one of the stars of “Baldwin Hills,” which focused on wealthy Black teenagers living in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Baldwin Hills. Taylor was one of only three cast members who remained with the show for its entire three-season run. She was featured in the 2007 documentary “America the Beautiful.” Taylor was also an entrepreneur, with ventures including Hush Dolls LLC and Miyoko’s Closet. She spoke out about body image and unrealistic beauty standards.

Taylor on unattainable beauty standards

“I tell my girls a lot that we can’t copy, we can’t try to be like these celebrities because it’s a fantasy. It’s a mirage. They don’t really look like that. Nobody looks that perfect that in real life. A lot of the girls don’t understand that there’s a lot of airbrushing, Photoshop. They change noses, eyes, necks. We have to take the focus off of these.” —from a 2008 interview with the Star Scoop


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