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Grant Imahara (1970–2020), host of “MythBusters,” “White Rabbit Project”

by Linnea Crowther

Grant Imahara was an electrical engineer and roboticist who was best known for hosting “MythBusters” and “White Rabbit Project.”

MythBusters, Lucasfilm, and beyond

Imahara studied electrical engineering at the University of Southern California, and as a young graduate, he was hired by Lucasfilm. There, he worked as a modelmaker on films including episodes I-III of the “Star Wars” saga, “Galaxy Quest,” and “The Matrix Reloaded.” Among his projects for Lucasfilm was updating R2-D2 robots for the “Star Wars” prequels. Imahara joined the Discovery Channel’s “MythBusters” in 2005, building robots and operating electronics as part of the Build Team. He remained with “MythBusters” through 2014 and later returned for guest spots and reunion shows. Imahara went on to host “White Rabbit Project” on Netflix with fellow “MythBusters” hosts Kari Byron and Tory Belleci in 2016. Imahara made appearances on “BattleBots” with his robot Deadblow. He was also an actor, with notable roles including Sulu on the web series “Star Trek Continues” and Lodge in “Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!” In 2010, Imahara built a robotic sidekick for “The Late Late Show” host Craig Ferguson.

Imahara on his childhood

“I was one of those kids that would take apart the remote control and take all the wheels off my little toy cars. My life really changed at four when I got my first Lego set. The idea that Lego is a system and it’s modular and it gives you a way to build things is really the foundation for my interest in engineering. ” —from a 2010 interview with ZDNet


What people said about him

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