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Henry Darrow (1933–2021), “The High Chaparral” star

by Linnea Crowther

Henry Darrow was an actor known for roles in TV shows including “The High Chaparral,” “Santa Barbara,” and “Zorro.”

Acting career

Darrow’s first major role was on “The High Chaparral,” beginning in 1967. He played Manolito, brother of Victoria Cannon, who was played by Linda Cristal (1931–2020). In 1989, Darrow began a three-year run on “Santa Barbara,” playing Rafael Castillo. He won a Daytime Emmy award for his performance. He appeared in other soap operas including “The Bold and the Beautiful,” “Dallas,” and “Dynasty.” Darrow starred in several TV variants on the tale of Zorro: he voiced the swordsman in the 1981 animated series “The New Adventures of Zorro,” he starred as Zorro in 1983’s “Zorro and Son,” and he played Zorro’s father in the early ‘90s series “Zorro.” He was the first Latino actor to play Zorro on television. His many other TV appearances include “Gunsmoke,” “Night Gallery,” “The Mod Squad,” “Wonder Woman,” “Magnum, P.I.,” “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” and “The Golden Girls.” Darrow also appeared in movies including “The Hitcher.”

Darrow on being a Puerto Rican actor

“There was an organization called Nosotros, which means “us” in Spanish. It was started in 1970 with Ricardo Montalban as president. I was the first vice president. We helped young Latino actors and actresses. At that time, there were only a few Latino casting people and agents. …There just weren’t too many avenues for Latino actors at the time. A number of series happened over the next few years and it eventually worked out fine.” —from a 2015 interview for Classic Film & TV Café


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