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Hogan’s Heroes, The Movie?

by Legacy Staff

Have you ever wondered why “Hogan’s Heroes” hasn’t yet joined the ranks of classic television shows adapted into movies?

Have you ever wondered why Hogan’s Heroes hasn’t joined the ranks of classic television shows adapted into movies? Ever thought that if 21 Jump Street, The A Team, and Starsky and Hutch made the cut, surely moviegoers would love to see Hogan and his men on the big screen too?

You’re not alone – it seems the show’s creators have been longing for a movie version, too. Earlier this year, after a years-long legal battle for the film rights, they won, clearing the way – finally, we hope – for us to see Hogan, Klink and company at a movie theater near us.


Who knows if and when the movie will actually get made – many a Hollywood project never sees the light of day. In the meantime, while we wait, we can have fun speculating about who they’ll cast to reprise the roles created by Bob Crane (who starred as Col. Hogan and would have celebrated his 80th birthday today), Werner Klemperer (as Col. Klink), Richard Dawson (RAF Corporal Newkirk), and the rest. Names tossed around include the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Geoffrey Rush, Johnny Knoxville, Rowan Atkinson, John Goodman, and Martin Freeman (star of The Hobbit and Dr. Watson to Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock).

And while we fantasize about who’ll be cast (Channing Tatum, anyone?), we can watch some of our favorite scenes from the show – and wonder if any of them will be written into the big screen script. Here are five favorite funny moments from Hogan’s Heroes we hope make the cut.

1. The POWs are action heroes. Hollywood loves explosions, so this one seems like a no-brainer.

2. Schultz plays poker. It’s the still-hot Texas Hold’em – and we think the fans would love to see the POWs take Schultz for a ride while soaking him for info.

3. Carter impersonates Adolf Hitler. Coming just twenty years after World War II, the original TV show used humor to help deflate the Führer and his Nazi party. The show’s prominent Nazis were all played by Jewish actors, pointedly poking fun at the men who just one generation prior had terrorized Jews across Europe. We’re several decades removed from WWII, but the Holocaust remains fresh in the collective memory. And as Mel Brooks has shown in recent years with his wildly successful Broadway version of The Producers, the Führer is always good fodder for humor.

4. Escape. Of course, our movie adaptation wouldn’t be complete without at least one escape attempt.

5. I See Nothing! And the one element that simply can’t be missed: Schultz’s catchphrase, “I see nothing!” We hope to hear it several times as we laugh our way through the Hogan’s Heroes movie.

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