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James Redford (1962–2020), filmmaker who was Robert Redford’s son

by Linnea Crowther

James Redford was a filmmaker known for documentaries including “The Kindness of Strangers,” and he was the son of actor and director Robert Redford.

Filmmaking career

After growing up surrounded by movies and with a superstar father, Redford’s entry into the movie world was a natural step. He studied screenwriting, trying not to follow too directly in his father’s footsteps. Redford’s screenwriting credits include “Cowboy Up” (2001), “Skinwalkers” (2002), and “Spin” (2003), which was also his directorial debut. Also a producer of documentaries, Redford won awards for the first documentary he helmed, “The Kindness of Strangers” (1999), about organ donation – a Crystal Heart Award and a Jury Award from the Chicago Alt.Film Fest. Redford’s 2013 documentary, “Toxic Hot Seat,” is credited with driving a ban of flame-retardant chemicals in furniture that caused health problems. Along with his father, Redford co-founded the Redford Center, a nonprofit that supports filmmakers who bring attention to environmental issues and climate justice.

Redford on helping others through making documentaries

“I can’t help but feel that if you have profoundly impacted one person, there are probably others who will never come across your radar. It is guaranteed? No. Does that sparkle in an impact report? Probably not. But it’s certainly enough to keep me going — time and time again.” —from a 2016 article for IndieWire


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