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TV screenwriter and producer Jane Milmore

Jane Milmore (1955–2020), screenwriter and producer for “Martin,” “The Hughleys”

by Linnea Crowther

Jane Milmore was a producer, screenwriter, and playwright whose TV credits include “Martin,” “The Wayans Brothers,” and “The Hughleys.” Milmore won a People’s Choice Award and an NAACP award for her work on “Martin,” as well as winning a Prism Award for her work on “The Hughleys.” She co-created the short-lived 1993 sitcom “Daddy Dearest,” starring Don Rickles and Richard Lewis. Other shows Milmore worked on with her longtime writing partner, Billy Van Zandt, include “Newhart,” “Suddenly Susan,” and “Yes, Dear.” Milmore and Van Zandt also wrote more than 20 plays together, including “You’ve Got Hate Mail” and “The Boomer Boys Musical,” and Milmore was an actress, appearing in her plays as well as in movies and TV shows.

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Died: February 4, 2020 (Who else died on February 4?)


Details of death: Died in Los Angeles of pancreatic cancer at the age of 64.

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Notable quote: “I’m probably happiest when I’m up there [onstage]. But I used to say — and I don’t know if it’s totally true anymore — I’m always happier doing the one I can’t. Like when I’m writing, I want to be acting, and when I’m acting, I want to write.” —from an interview with Stated magazine

Full obituary: The Hollywood Reporter

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