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Jean Hale (1938–2021), actress known for “In Like Flint,” “Batman”

by Linnea Crowther

Jean Hale was an actress known for movies including “In Like Flint” and appearances on TV shows such as “Batman” and “Perry Mason.”

Acting career

Hale got her break into acting when she was seen walking down the street in New York City by Sandra Dee’s (1942–2005) agent. She was offered a Hollywood contract, and she made her acting debut in the 1963 movie “Violent Midnight.” Hale went on to appear in movies including “Taggart” (1964), “The Oscar” (1966), and “St. Valentine’s Day Massacre” (1967). In the spy comedy “In Like Flint” (1967), she played an evil operative of the Fabulous Face, which tried to brainwash women into overthrowing men. Hale made many TV appearances, including her “Batman” role: She played Polly, the hatcheck-girl henchwoman of villain the Mad Hatter. Her other TV spots include “Hawaii Five-O,” “McHale’s Navy,” and “Hogan’s Heroes.” Hale was married to Dabney Coleman for 23 years before their 1984 divorce. She co-founded the production company Coleman-Tanasescu Entertainment.

Tributes to Jean Hale

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