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Jeane Dixon’s Prophecies

by Legacy Staff

Like most people who make their livings from pursuits like astrology and psychic prediction, Jeane Dixon was controversial…

Like most people who make their livings from pursuits like astrology and psychic prediction, Jeane Dixon was controversial. She was loved and defended by those who embrace New Age philosophy, follow horoscopes, and believe in the ability to predict the future – among them Nancy Reagan and Richard Nixon. Those who consider all things New Age to be so much woo-woo hooey considered her to be just another crackpot.

Her most famous prediction, pointed to often by her supporters, was that John F. Kennedy would be assassinated in office. Dixon’s supporters found her prediction uncannily accurate, while detractors asserted that it was conveniently vague, as well as incorrect on most points.

The truth seems to be somewhere in the middle. Dixon did correctly predict in 1956 that the winner of the 1960 election would either die or be assassinated while in office. That’s not something that has happened often in our country’s history, but did indeed happen to the man elected president in 1960. On the other hand, Dixon confidently – and incorrectly – predicted that JFK would lose the 1960 election. She also suggested the death of the president might not take place in his first term. But in fact, JFK never got the chance for a second term.

We’ll probably never know if Dixon truly had a gift for prophecy or if she just made a guess that, against some odds, turned out to be correct. But even for the nonbelievers, it can be fun to check your horoscope every once in a while. Will you receive an unexpected windfall today… or encounter a thrilling job opportunity… or maybe even meet a tall, dark stranger? Dixon claimed to know the answers, and millions looked to her syndicated astrology column for guidance. Some even shelled out 95 cents a minute for a personalized horoscope.












Fifteen years after Jeane Dixon’s death, daily horoscopes are more popular than ever, thanks to abundant websites devoted to explaining our lives based on our birth. And maybe the next prophet will provide a little better news in their predictions. If any seers are reading this, I’m hoping for world peace… can you give us an ETA on that?

Written by Linnea Crowther



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