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Joanne Linville (1928–2021), “Star Trek” Romulan commander actress

by Linnea Crowther

Joanne Linville was an actress known for roles including a Romulan commander in a 1968 episode of “Star Trek.”

Acting career

Linville’s portrayal of the Romulan commander made her “Star Trek” episode, “The Enterprise Incident,” one of the original series’ most memorable – fans loved the romantic tension between her character and Spock, played by Leonard Nimoy (1931–2015). Another notable appearance was on a 1961 episode of “The Twilight Zone,” playing a Confederate widow at the end of the Civil War. Linville also appeared in movies including “A Star Is Born” (1976) and in TV shows including “Gunsmoke,” “Hawaii Five-O,” “Columbo,” “Charlie’s Angels,” and “L.A. Law.” Also an acting teacher, Linville co-founded the Stella Adler Academy in Los Angeles.

Tributes to Joanne Linville

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