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Joey Jordison

Joey Jordison (1975–2021), founding Slipknot drummer

by Kirk Fox

Joey Jordison was a co-founder and the original drummer for the popular metal band Slipknot.

Acclaimed rock drummer

Jordison was one of the founders of the aggressive metal band Slipknot in Iowa in 1995. They self-released their debut album in 1996, which led to the band being signed by popular hard rock label Roadrunner Records in 1998. Slipknot was known for their exciting live shows, wearing masks, and showcasing a unique nu metal sound. Jordison was acclaimed for his aggressive rhythms and skill on a double bass kit. He was voted best rock drummer of the past 25 years in 2010 by readers of Rhythm Magazine, beating out the Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl and Neil Peart (1952–2020) of Rush. Jordison was apparently fired by the band in 2013; at the time of his passing he was a member of the band Sinsaeum.

Notable quote

“This is beyond unbelievable. Something like this reminds me every day why I continue to do this.” – after being voted best rock drummer by Rhythm Magazine readers


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