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John Davis

John Davis (1954–2021), real Milli Vanilli singer

by Kirk Fox

John Davis was one of the real vocalists behind Milli Vanilli including their 1989 hit “Girl You Know It’s True.”

One of the voices behind Milli Vanilli

Music producer Frank Farian created the French/German dance pop duo Milli Vanilli with frontmen Rob Pilatus and Fabrice Morvan. The duo became international stars behind the hit songs “Girl You Know It’s True” and “Blame It On The Rain.” Milli Vanilli won the Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 1990. It was discovered after the award that the duo were lip syncing songs on stage, which featured the voices of the real singers who recorded the originals in studio. John Davis was one of the real singers, along with others. After the scandal, Farian changed the group name to The Real Milli Vanilli featuring Davis and Brad Howell, another Milli Vanilli singer. The group’s 1991 single “Keep on Running” was a top ten hit in Germany. Davis remained in Germany and later performed with Fab Morvan as the group Face Meets Voice.

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