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John “TotalBiscuit” Bain (1984–2018), popular British video game critic

by Legacy Staff

John “TotalBiscuit” Bain, popular British video game critic and esports caster, died at 33 after a long battle with cancer.

John “TotalBiscuit” Bain, popular British video game critic and esports caster, died Thursday, May 24, 2018, after a long battle with cancer, according to multiple news sources. He was 33.

TotalBiscuit, also known as CynicalBrit, was a popular YouTube personality, esports caster, and critic of video game art, commerce, and culture.


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His YouTube channel, “TotalBiscuit,” which he started in 2010, has over 2.2 million subscribers. He posted video game reviews and commentary on issues confronting the industry and the gaming community.

One of the popular shows on his channel was The Co-Optional Podcast, which he hoped his wife, Genna, would take over after his death.

He was a frequent champion of games created and released by smaller independent studios that didn’t benefit from major marketing hype. He also advised consumers to hold off on pre-ordering games before they had been reviewed, and was critical of industry trends that he felt prioritized profits over crafting a good gameplay experience.

His strong opinions and sense of humor were embraced by gamers and he took his role as critic seriously. When he announced his retirement from video game criticism on Reddit due to failing health at the beginning of May, he wrote: “It’s been a privilege, thank you all for letting me into your life and do something so important as to have an impact on how you spend your hard-earned money.”

Bain was also an e-sports commentator on popular games such as StarCraft II. He personally supported the growth of professional gaming by creating and sponsoring Team Axiom from 2012 to 2015.

In 2014 Bain was diagnosed with bowel cancer. It spread to his liver and other organs and he announced it was terminal in 2015. He continued to play and review games throughout his treatment.

His wife announced news of his death on Twitter, along with the poem “Love Constant Beyond Death” by Francisco de Quevedo. The gaming community took to social media to share condolences.

“John bain, aka @Totalbiscuit did more good for the gaming community than most of us could do in 10 lifetimes,” wrote video blogger Steven Williams, known as Boogie2988. “He believed in me when I did not believe in myself. He encouraged me to become the person I am. A mentor. A friend. So much more. He will be missed. Rest in peace.”

Bain is survived by his wife, Genna.

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