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Johnny Solinger (1965–2021), singer for Skid Row

by Linnea Crowther

Johnny Solinger was the singer for the metal band Skid Row from 1999 to 2015.

Skid Row and solo career

Solinger joined Skid Row in 1999, after the band decided to reform without original lead singer Sebastian Bach following their 1996 breakup. Skid Row released several albums during Solinger’s tenure, though they didn’t have the success of their early days. Among their singles was “I Remember You Two,” a new version of their 1989 Top 10 hit. Solinger also released a solo country album in 2008, and he had previously formed the band Solinger in the early 1990s.

Solinger on playing music festivals

“We are having as much fun as we’ve EVER had and we’ve always had fun.  I think there were 20,000 people as far as the eye could see at last weekend’s shows.  People are having a great time, they’re not finding what they’re lookin for on the radio so they are going back to the rock and roll they love which is why these festivals are just getting bigger and bigger.” —from a 2012 interview for Legendary Rock Interviews


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