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Johnny Walker (1934–2020), pro wrestler known as “Mr. Wrestling II”

by Linnea Crowther

Johnny Walker was a pro wrestler known as “Mr. Wrestling II,” who was a star in the 1970s and ‘80s.

Jimmy Carter’s favorite wrestler

Walker got his start as a wrestler in the 1950s, wrestling as Johnny “Rubberman” Walker before initially retiring from the sport in 1964. He was convinced to come out of retirement in 1972, donning a mask and wrestling as Mr. Wrestling II – though he often simply went as “Two.” Wrestling primarily in the Southeast, Walker became a star on Atlanta’s WTBS and gained national recognition as the channel was aired on early cable TV networks. President Jimmy Carter called Walker his favorite wrestler and invited him to his 1977 inauguration, though Walker declined the invitation when he found he’d have to go unmasked due to security concerns. In the 1980s, Walker briefly wrestled with the World Wrestling Federation.

What people said about him

Full obituary:The Post and Courier


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