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Jordan Groggs (1988–2020), rapper with Injury Reserve

by Linnea Crowther

Jordan Groggs, also known as Stepa J. Groggs, was a rapper with the Arizona hip hop group Injury Reserve.

Injury Reserve

Groggs formed Injury Reserve in 2013 along with Nathaniel “Ritchie With a T” Ritchie and Parker Corey. They released their debut mixtape, “Live from the Dentist Office,” in 2015 to critical acclaim. In 2017, their EP “Drive it Like it’s Stolen” included singles “North Pole,” “See You Sweat,” and “Boom (x3).” Injury Reserve’s self-titled debut album was released in 2019, and their most recent releases were 2020 singles “Hoodwinked” and “Waste Management.” A review of 2016’s “Floss” by music critic Robert Christgau called it “the most unpretentious hip-hop you ever heard.”

Groggs’ lyrics

“My youngest son’s four, going on five/And I’m thinking to myself, ‘God damn, time flies.’/And you better not waste it, because you can’t get it back” —from the Injury Reserve song “45”


What people said about him

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