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Judy Dyble (1949–2020), Fairport Convention singer

by Linnea Crowther

Judy Dyble was an English singer-songwriter who was an early member of the influential folk group Fairport Convention.

Fairport Convention and after

Dyble joined Fairport Convention in the band’s early days, before they recorded their self-titled 1968 debut album. Dyble sang co-lead vocals on the album, including on the band’s first single “If I Had a Ribbon Bow,” and she co-wrote the song “Portfolio.” Dyble left the band after the album’s release and was replaced by Sandy Denny (1947 – 1978). She went on to briefly record with the rock band Giles, Giles, and Fripp before forming the duo Trader Horne with Jackie MacAuley. Dyble almost entirely left the music business in the 1970s, but she began recording and releasing new music in 2003. Several new albums followed, and a final album – a collaboration with David Longdon – is scheduled for release in September.

Dyble on what prompted her return to music

“Accident. Serendipity. Being in the right place at the right time and the decision to say ‘yes’ to everything and see what happened. Being asked to work with Marc Swordfish of Astralasia, and him having this newfangled method of recording that involved just a microphone and a laptop (plus a few other bits) and that I didn’t have to travel, he travelled to me. He sent me loops of music that he had created and I found a melody within the loops and created words to fit.” —from a 2013 interview with the Rocktologist


What people said about her

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