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Kelly Preston (1962–2020), “Jerry Maguire” star

by Linnea Crowther

Kelly Preston was an actress known for roles in movies including “Jerry Maguire,” “Twins,” and “Sky High.” She was actor John Travolta’s wife.

Acting career

Preston had an early notable role in 1985’s “Mischief” and starred opposite C. Thomas Howell in “Secret Admirer” the same year. She played a teen with NASA aspirations in “Space Camp” (1986) and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s love interest in “Twins” (1988). In 1996, Preston starred in “Jerry Maguire” alongside Tom Cruise, playing Jerry’s ex-fiancée. She starred in “Citizen Ruth” (1996), “Jack Frost,” (1998), “What a Girl Wants” (2003), and “Sky High” (2005), in which she played a superhero mom with the power of supersonic flight. She also made TV appearances on shows including “CHiPs,” “Tales from the Crypt,” and “Joey,” and she was a regular on the 1983 show “For Love and Honor.” Preston’s final role was in 2018’s “Gotti,” playing Victoria Gotti alongside Travolta as her crime boss husband.

Family life

Preston was married to Travolta for almost 29 years, having met him while they starred together in “The Experts” (1989). The couple had three children together. In 2009, their son, Jett Travolta (1992 – 2009), died of a seizure while the family was vacationing in the Bahamas.


Preston on the secret of her happy marriage

“Keep checking in and keep growing and changing. Keep doing things, just the two of you.” —from a 2017 interview with Closer

What people said about her

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