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Kip Addotta (1944–2019), “The Tonight Show” comedian

by Kirk Fox

Appeared on the Dr. Demento radio show and “The Midnight Special.”

Kip Addotta was a comedian known for his appearances on “The Tonight Show” and the Dr. Demento radio show. He was beloved for his unique sense of humor along with parody songs. Addotta also made appearances on “American Bandstand,” “The Mike Douglas Show,” and on the game show, “The Hollywood Squares.” He was also an actor, guest starring on “The Larry Sanders Show.”  

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Died: Tuesday, August 13, 2019 (Who else died on August 13?)

Details of death: Died at the age of 75.

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What they said about him: “During the comedy bust of the ’90’s, Kip Addotta went out of his way to help us get work. Very few comics have ever offered us this type of assistance when we needed it most. We weren’t friends with Kip but he has a special place in our hearts.” —Comedian Traci Skene

“Rest In Peace to master of the pun, Kip Addotta, and thanks to #DrDemento for the introduction.” —Radio host Tim Andrews

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