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Lee MacMillan (1992–2021), social media influencer who shared her adventures

by Linnea Crowther

Lee MacMillan was a social media influencer who shared stories of her “van life” travels.

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Life with Lee

MacMillan became a popular influencer alongside her then-boyfriend, Max Bidstrup, as the couple traveled around the Americas in a van. Their videos for their Max & Lee YouTube channel documented how they handled a minimalist lifestyle of tiny home living as they traveled and camped in the van, as well as sharing their many adventures. After MacMillan and Bidstrup broke up in 2020, MacMillan continued to share her life via her Life with Lee YouTube channel and Instagram account. In addition to documenting her adventures, MacMillan candidly discussed her struggles with mental health.


Notable quote

“2020, here I am about to go thanking you again. Maybe you don’t deserve all this credit. You did do something big for us though. You forced us to slow down. You forced us to reflect. You forced us to reprioritize what’s important in life.” —from an October 2020 Instagram post on @lifewithlee

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