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Lou Brock

Lou Brock (1939–2020), St. Louis Cardinals legend

by Kirk Fox

Lou Brock was a legendary outfielder for the St. Louis Cardinals known for his base stealing that led the Cardinals to two World Series victories.  

  • Died: Sunday, September 6, 2020 (Who else died on September 6?) 
  • Details of Death: Died at the age of 81 in St. Louis, Missouri.  
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Cardinals legend

Brock played most of his illustrious career with the Cardinals. His first few years in the Major Leagues were with the Cubs, where he had potential but under-performed. In June 1964 Chicago famously traded him to St. Louis for pitcher Ernie Broglio. Brock would go on to a 15-season career with the Cardinals. He had over 3,000 hits, was a six-time All-Star, and won the World Series with the Cardinals in 1964 and 1967. The speedy Brock, who has the second most career stolen bases behind Ricky Henderson, was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1985.

Brock on his prolific base stealing ability

“First base is useless. And most of the time it is useless to stay there. On the other hand, second base is really the safest place on the field. When I steal second, I practically eliminate the double play. And I can score on any ball hit past the infield.” 


“The most important thing about base stealing is not the steal of the base, but distracting the pitcher’s concentration. If I can do that, then the hitter will have a better pitch to swing at and I will get a better chance to steal.” —The Post-Dispatch, 1974

What They Said About Him

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