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Margaret Nolan (1943–2020), actress in “Goldfinger,” “A Hard Day’s Night”

by Linnea Crowther

Margaret Nolan was a British actress known for films including “Goldfinger,” in which she was painted gold and wore a gold bikini for the iconic title sequence.

Acting career

Nolan began her career as a model, then began taking acting roles in the early 1960s. She became one of the symbols of England’s Swinging Sixties, beginning with her uncredited appearance in the 1964 Beatles film “A Hard Day’s Night.” That same year, she filmed the “Goldfinger” title sequence as well as appearing in the film as Dink, James Bond’s masseuse. Nolan was featured in six installments of the popular “Carry On” series of British comedies, including “Carry On Cowboy” (1965) and “Carry On Girls” (1973). She appeared in TV shows including “Steptoe and Son” and “Fox.” Nolan largely left the acting world after the mid-1980s, working in permaculture in Spain and creating photomontages based on her vintage publicity photos. She returned to the screen in 2011 for “The Power of Three” and has a small role in the upcoming film “Last Night in Soho,” scheduled for a 2021 release.

Tributes to Margaret Nolan

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