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Mark Sertich

Mark Sertich (1921–2020), world’s oldest hockey player

by Kirk Fox

Mark Sertich was the world’s oldest hockey player, verified by Guinness World Records. He played in the 2017 Snoopy’s Senior World Hockey Tournament at the age of 96.  

World’s Oldest Hockey Player 

Sertich was well known in Duluth, Minnesota ice hockey circles, playing with a team of current and retired firefighters. He skated at his local rink as recently as July. When he played at the Snoopy’s Senior World Hockey Tournament at age 96, Sertich was verified by Guiness World Records as the world’s oldest hockey player. 

He served in World War II, helping to liberate a concentration camp, and later coached youth hockey. Sertich preferred to heal himself after a hockey injury, rather than rely on medicine. Recently his family and friends celebrated his 99th birthday with a drive-by party.


What they said about him

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