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Memories of Brittany Murphy

by Legacy Staff

Lots of little girls dream of becoming famous actresses, but the dream proved unusually intense for Brittany Murphy. She knew from an early age that her destiny lay in Hollywood’s sun-drenched hills.

Lots of little girls dream of becoming famous actresses, but the dream proved unusually intense for Brittany Murphy. She knew from a young age that her destiny lay in Hollywood’s hills. As a preteen, she convinced her mother to move the family from Atlanta to Los Angeles, where she eventually made her name with a role in the sleeper hit Clueless. Work in films such as 8 Mile brought further acclaim, but the 32-year-old’s career was cut short by her unexpected death Dec. 20, 2009.

The aftermath of Murphy’s death has been a long, strange mystery, perplexing fans and preventing family members from finding closure. Official reports indicated she’d died of natural causes, but rumors hinted at something darker. Her grieving father, a man named Angelo Bertolotti, hired a lab to conduct a toxicology report, and the results showed shockingly high levels of heavy metals. Bertolotti has been vocal about the suspicious results, but his efforts to solve the mystery of his daughter’s death were slowed when he had a stroke earlier this year.


Bertolotti hasn’t stopped thinking about his daughter, though. In honor of the sixth anniversary of her death, Legacy.com talked to him about how much he still loves and misses her.

What do you remember best about Brittany?

“Well, there’s so many memories. I can’t pick one. I remember Brittany as all good things. I liked everything she did. … She was just a wonderful girl. A down-to-earth girl. She was doing fine up until she died, and she just got cut off in life too soon. It’s just a shame. I’m still trying to find out what the circumstances really were.”

When did Brittany know she wanted to be an actress?

“She was a little actress when she was 3 years old. She loved acting, she had a passion for it. It was in her blood. My whole family is talented in that way … she excelled, though.”

What’s your favorite movie that Brittany acted in?

“I liked all of them, but of course that’s something a father would say. One of the most dramatic ones was the one with that rap guy … 8 Mile. That was outstanding. So was the co-star (Eminem).”

Do you think about Brittany more around this time of the year?

“I think about her every day of the week. I never stop thinking about her. I adore her and that’s about it, that’s all there is to say. I’ll never get over that … in my lifetime, anyway.”


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