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MF DOOM (1971-2020), masked rapper & master lyricist

by Legacy Staff

Daniel Dumile, most widely known by the stage name MF DOOM, was one of the most influential rap lyricists of the 2000s.

Lyrical genius

A native of London who grew up on Long Island and lived much of his life in New York, Dumile adopted the persona of MF DOOM in 1998, inspired by the character of Doctor Doom from Marvel Comics’ Fantastic Four. Thereafter he rarely performed or made public appearances without his signature mask, preferring to let his work speak for itself. His album Madvillainy, a duo with DJ/producer Madlib, is cited by countless rappers and fans as one of the most influential records in rap history. He gained further notoriety collaborating with producer Danger Mouse in the project DANGERDOOM, inspired by Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim cartoons.

Tributes to MF DOOM

“There’s a line in the first verse of MF Doom’s track “Beef Rapp” that encapsulates everything I love about rappers who create complex rhyming patterns in their songs…” —Estelle Caswell, Vox (see video below)


Full obituary: The New York Times

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