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MIA Vietnam vet’s son flies his remains home 52 years later

by Linnea Crowther

A full military funeral will be held for Col. Roy A. Knight Jr. on Aug. 10 in Weatherford, Texas.

On May 19, 1967, Col. Roy A. Knight, Jr.‘s plane was shot down during the Vietnam War. He ejected, but no one saw his parachute deploy, and a search turned up nothing. He was declared Missing in Action, and seven years later, with no trace found, Col. Knight was officially listed as Killed in Action. He left behind a wife and three children in Texas.

Now, decades later, Col. Knight’s story has found incredible closure.


Yesterday, 52 years after he saw his family for the last time, Col. Knight’s remains — which were finally found and identified earlier this year — were flown home to Dallas Love Field, the very airport from which he left home back in 1967. 

The pilot of the plane that brought Col. Knight home was his son, Bryan Knight, who was just five years old when he lost his dad. 

It’s a remarkable story, and journalist Jackson Proskow offered a touching recount of it from the plane where he happened to be sitting on a layover when Col. Knight’s plane touched down in Dallas.  

Col. Knight’s family will remember him with a funeral with full military honors tomorrow, and they have published an obituary on Legacy.com in honor of his life. Friends and well-wishers from all over are signing his Guest Book to thank him for his service and offer kind words to his family. We invite you to share your condolences for Col. Roy A. Knight, Jr. in the Guest Book

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