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Milton Glaser (1929–2020), designer of famous “I Love NY” logo

by John Maxwell

Milton Glaser was a graphic designer known for the famous “I ❤ NY” logo used to promote tourism in the state of New York since 1977. The logo is particularly associated with New York City where it has been emblazoned on countless items in gift shops throughout the city. Following the attacks of September 11th, 2001, Glaser created a new version with a bruised heart: “I ❤ NY More Than Ever.” Among his other striking designs were a poster of Bob Dylan in silhouette with multi-colored psychedelic hair included with his 1967 Greatest Hits album, the DC comics “bullet” logo used from 1977–2005, and the Brooklyn Brewery logo. He was the first graphic designer to be awarded the National Medal of Arts.

New York Magazine:

In 1968 he co-founded New York magazine with editor Clay Felker. In addition to overseeing the magazine’s visuals he wrote a popular column about low-cost places to eat in the city called “The Underground Gormet.” The award-winning magazine is still being published today.

Notable quote:

“I’ve always believed that the idea of beauty and the idea of aesthetics are very much linked to a social benefit. That the species couldn’t survive without art, because art is a kind of mediating device in human culture. People need it to survive,” he said in a 2003 interview with Metropolis Magazine.


What people said about him:

Full obituary: The New York Times

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