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Patrick Campbell (2019), rock and roller raised money for Thanksgiving dinners

by Kirk Fox

His band raised enough donations to feed thousands in need.

Patrick Campbell was the leader of a popular rock and roll cover band in Bloomington, Illinois, that raised enough money through donations to feed Thanksgiving dinner to thousands of homeless people. When Campbell’s band, The Jury’s Out, played a show, he would leave an open guitar case in front of the stage for fans to donate money to Home Sweet Home Ministries, a Bloomington organization that assists the hungry and homeless.

“Since November 2015, Patrick and his Jury’s Out band collected close to $30,000 to support the annual Thanksgiving celebrations at Home Sweet Home Ministries that paid for 12,000 Thanksgiving meals,” Home Sweet Home Ministries CEO Mary Ann Pullin told the Chicago Sun-Times.


Campbell was raised on the Northwest side of Chicago. He started his first band at the age of 11 and loved rock music from the 1970s and ’80s. One of his favorite bands was Kiss. He was a singer, guitarist, and keyboard player with Jury’s Out whose playlist included songs by Bon Jovi, Cheap Trick, and Styx.

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Details of death: Died at the age of 54 in September from complications after surgery for Crohn’s disease.

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His twin brother Peter remembers Patrick discovering Kiss: The brothers liked the Bay City Rollers but put a new Kiss record on. “That was the last time we listened to the Bay City Rollers. We were down at the Hamlin Park woodshop and we were nailing blocks to our gym shoes so we could have those big tall shoes” like Kiss.

As a kid, “He convinced the principal we should play a concert, and we set up in the gym. People were asking for autographs — and we were 13,” Patrick told the Chicago Sun-Times.

Full obituary: Chicago Sun-Times

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