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Peggy Pope (1929–2020), actress who played secretary in “9 to 5”

by Linnea Crowther

Peggy Pope was an actress best known for playing the office secretary in the classic 1980 comedy film “9 to 5.”

TV, movie, and stage career

Pope was an established stage actress before becoming known to the moviegoing audience, having appeared on Broadway with James Stewart (1908 – 1997) in “Harvey” (1970) as well as in other shows on Broadway and beyond. In 1968, Pope won an Obie Award for Best Actress for her Off-Broadway performance in “Muzeeka.” She had a recurring role as Mrs. David on TV’s “Soap” as well as making other TV appearances on show’s including “Mork & Mindy,” “Barney Miller,” “The Golden Girls,” and “ER.” She was best known for her role in “9 to 5” playing secretary Margaret, the “office lush” and later recovering alcoholic whose catch phrase was “Atta girl!”

Pope on her role in “9 to 5”

“It was a good movie and a good part. At the end, my character comes back from rehab, hair combed, looking spiffy and ready for the sequel. Underdogs climbing to the top is a fine formula, and it’s always good to be in at the end of a film so people remember you were in it.” —from her 2011 autobiography, “Atta Girl: Tales From a Life in the Trenches of Show Business”


What people said about her

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