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RIP: Who We Lost in February 2021

by John Maxwell

Join us in a look back at some of the most notable lives that ended in February 2021

Read the full Legacy obituaries for the life stories of the people featured in this video:

Danny Ray (1935–2021), James Brown’s longtime emcee and cape man


Dustin Diamond (1977–2021), starred as Screech in “Saved by the Bell”

Rush Limbaugh (1951–2021), iconic conservative talk show host

Mary Wilson (1944–2021), founding member of the Supremes

Sophie Xeon (1986–2021), Grammy-nominated musician and producer

Ari Gold (1974–2021), trailblazing LGBTQ musician and DJ

Mike Henry (1936–2021), actor in Tarzan movies, “Smokey and the Bandit”

Irv Cross (1939–2021), pioneering sportscaster

Vincent Jackson (1983–2021), former NFL wide receiver

Marty Schottenheimer (1943–2021), longtime NFL head coach

Dianne Durham (1968–2021), first Black national gymnastics champion

Bill Wright (1936–2021), first Black golfer to win a USGA title

Leon Spinks (1953–2021), former heavyweight boxing champ

Johnny Pacheco (1935–2021), musician who helped popularize salsa music

Chick Corea (1941–2021), pioneering jazz fusion keyboardist

Carman Licciardello (1956–2021), contemporary Christian singer and songwriter

Millie Hughes-Fulford (1945–2021), first female payload specialist for NASA

Billy Brown (1952–2021), patriarch of “Alaskan Bush People” reality series

Prince Markie Dee (1968–2021), the Fat Boys’ rapper

Christopher Plummer (1929–2021), Oscar winner who starred in “The Sound of Music”

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