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RIP: Who We Lost in September 2021

by John Maxwell

Join us in a look back at some of the most notable lives that ended in September 2021.

Read the full Legacy obituaries for the life stories of the people featured in this video:

Art Metrano (1936–2021), actor known for “Police Academy” movies


Sarah Dash (1945–2021), singer who co-founded Labelle

Roberto Roena (1940–2021), legendary salsa percussionist

David Patten (1974–2021), Patriots wide receiver who won three Super Bowls

Mick Tingelhoff (1940–2021), Minnesota Vikings Hall of Fame

Ben Best (1974–2021), “Eastbound & Down” co-creator and star

Daffney Unger (1975–2021), pro wrestling’s “Scream Queen”

Al Harrington (1935–2021), actor known for “Hawaii Five-O”

Anthony “A.J.” Johnson (1966–2021), actor known for “Friday,” “House Party”

Willie Garson (1964–2021), “Sex and the City” star

Gregg Leakes (1954–2021), businessman featured on “Real Housewives of Atlanta”

Sarah Harding (1981–2021), singer with Girls Aloud

Don Collier (1928–2021), actor known for “The High Chaparral,” “Outlaws”

Michael Tylo (1948–2021), soap opera star known for “Guiding Light”

Melvin Van Peebles (1932–2021), influential actor and filmmaker

Michael Constantine (1927–2021), “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” dad

Michael K. Williams (1966–2021), actor who starred in “The Wire”

Tommy Kirk (1941–2021), “Old Yeller” star

Tim Donnelly (1944–2021), actor known for “Emergency!”

Jane Powell (1929–2021), star of Hollywood’s Golden Age musicals

Willard Scott (1934–2021), longtime Today Show weatherman

Norm Macdonald (1959–2021), comedian and former “Saturday Night Live” star

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