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Roy Hargrove (1969–2018), Grammy-winning visionary jazz trumpeter

by Kirk Fox

Worked with Common and Erykah Badu.

Roy Hargrove (1969–2018) was a two-time Grammy-winning jazz trumpeter considered to be one of the premiere jazz trumpeters of his generation. Hargrove played trumpet on recordings for other artists including Common, Erykah Badu, and D’Angelo. He performed with Herbie Hancock and other jazz greats.

Hargrove was known for his hard bop style and he led the progressive jazz group The RH Factor which blended jazz, funk, hip-hop, gospel, and soul. He won a best Latin jazz Grammy in 1998 for his album “Habana,” and won again in 2002 for best jazz instrumental album for “Directions in Music,” a live performance with Herbie Hancock and Michael Brecker.


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Died: Friday, November 2, 2018 (Who else died November 2?)

Details of death: Died from a heart attack in New York City at the age of 49, according to his manager

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Notable Quote: “Back in the day, they used to play for much longer periods of time, which really helped to solidify the way the band sounded. It should be a month — it should be more. It’s not enough. Everywhere it’s not enough. But we can’t get people to really support jazz like that. People don’t come out to hear live music as much as they used to.” —Hargrove to Downbeat magazine talking about jazz music residencies deserving longer runs and larger crowds

What people said about him: “He is literally the one man horn section I hear in my head when I think about music. Love to the immortal timeless genius that will forever be Roy Hargrove y’all.” —Questlove, drummer and leader of the Roots

Full obituary: New York Times

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