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Sam Jones (1933–2021), Boston Celtics legend

by Kirk Fox

Sam Jones was a legendary shooting guard for the Boston Celtics who helped them win 10 NBA Championships during his career.

Celtics legend

Sam Jones was a legendary shooting guard during the Boston Celtics NBA dynasty, helping lead them to 10 NBA championships. He played with Boston his entire career, from 1957 until 1969, and was selected to the NBA All-Star team five times. He was known for his sharp shooting skills, especially the bank shot. Jones won many games with last minute shots and he was nicknamed “Mr. Clutch.” He averaged almost 18 points a game and was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame.

Notable Quote

‘Your dad, Wilt, and I were friends. We’d go out and eat like best buddies, but on the court we wanted to kill each other, because that’s how we rolled.’ – Bryna Jones, the daughter of Celtics legend K.C. Jones, told the Boston Globe Sam Jones said this to her recently about his fight with Lakers great Wilt Chamberlain during the 1962 Eastern Division finals.


Tributes to Sam Jones

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